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The QUANTOCKS is a biography, not of a person but of a region.  The opening chapter unravels some of the threads that make up the intricate Quantock tapestry and the closing chapter reviews the problems and potentials of the region as it faces the challenges of a new century and a new millennium.  Between these, six historical chapters takes the reader through the story of the region from its geological origins, through early human settlement, to the medieval and early modern periods; the immense changes wrought by the Victorians and the turbulence of the twentieth century brings the historical story up to date.  Finally, there is a brief sections on ‘Hints for Quantock Visitors’ with a selection of the best walks, churches and buildings and suggestions for further reading about the area.  The volume is fully indexed and there is a section of source notes for the reader wanting to follow up topics of interest.

The QUANTOCKS is heavily illustrated both by half-tone figures (embedded in the text) and full-colour plates (set in a separate section).  There are 109 figures in all made up of 190 separate images.  The 85 maps and diagrams (all especially drawn for the volume) range from geological cross-sections, through railway maps and cycle rides, to ravages from the Black Death or the Great War.  These are supplemented by 15 historical prints including portraits of Coleridge and Wordsworth from the National Portrait Gallery and a Turner engraving from the Tate Gallery.  


Jackie Haggett has taken many hundreds of Quantock photographs for her father’s book over the last five years in all winds and weathers.  Ninety of her half-tone and 43 of her colour prints are reproduced here as an integral part of the Quantock story. They range from close-ups of medieval benchends and Ammonite fossils to iconic churches and temple follies.  The many characteristic Quantock landscapes range from wild hill country, through pastoral combe scenes to nuclear power stations.


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The Quantocks

Biography of An English Region

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